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Make an extraordinary difference in the life of a child!  Did you know there are many foster care children in South Dakota waiting for their forever family? (click here to view available children)  To learn more about the steps to become a foster or adoptive parent today, please take some time to review the following:

What Is A Therapeutic Foster Parent Made Of? Watch Our Video!

Watch this video about one of our foster families!  "Fostering a Future"

Children's Home Society's therapeutic foster care and adoption programs are primarily used for children, ages 4-18, who:

  • are in need of an adoptive home,
  • have completed residential treatment, but are unable to return to their own family,
  • have completed residential treatment, and are waiting for a permanent family to be identified (foster care),
  • are still in need of continued treatment in a less restrictive environment, or
  • have not been in residential treatment, but have needs that can most effectively be addressed by specially trained foster or adoptive parents.

Children served by Children's Home Society's Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoptive Programs have moderate emotional and behavioral problems.  These children are in need of a family home placement which can provide positive guidance, care, and supervision.  They need unconditional affection and acceptance, along with consistent age-appropriate expectations.  The goal in each placement is to provide a safe, stable, and nurturing home environment that will be conducive to the child’s positive development.

This video by Wendy's Wonderful Kids, shows through a five-year research evaluation, that the program works!  Undadoptable is Unacceptable!

The Dakota Heart Gallery of South Dakota is a stirring and unique portrait exhibit of locally adoptable children sharing the same dream of finding a "FAMILY".  (click here to view the Dakota Heart Gallery of South Dakota.

Information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent . . .

Choosing to become a foster or adoptive parent is a big decision.  Parenting any child can be challenging, and the additional responsibilities and issues that come with parenting a child who has experienced extreme problems with family life can seem overwhelming at times.  Children who have experienced hurt need healing.  Children who have been rejected need unconditional acceptance.  And children who have been abused need to be safe. 

Being a foster or adoptive parent to a child with such needs is not easy.  These children will often challenge even the best parenting skills.  But seeing the smallest signs of progress can be very rewarding.  As a foster or adoptive parent, you have the opportunity to provide a healing family experience for a child in need—an experience that will be an important step toward a healthier future for that child.



Foster and adoptive parents are licensed/approved according to standards established by the South Dakota Department of Social Services.  Children’s Home Society has some additional standards which are designed to meet the particular needs of the children served.

Criteria of eligibility to become licensed/approved as a foster or adoptive family:

  • Parents must be at least 21 years of age
  • Physical health of family members must be conducive to caring for special needs children
  • Parents must have no felony convictions
  • Parents must have no substantiated record of child abuse or neglect
  • Employment constraints must not interfere with quality care for foster children
  • Family composition must allow for the care of an additional child
  • The home must meet safety and sanitation standards
  • Family must have the ability to provide transportation to meet the needs of the child

Characteristics of families best suited to care for foster or adoptive children:

  • The family lives in either the Black Hills or Sioux Falls areas
  • Has the desire to work as part of a professional team, and takes advantage of training and consultation opportunities on an on-going basis
  • Has the capacity to deal with disruptive behaviors.  Possesses the qualities of patience, tolerance, empathy, understanding, flexibility, and demonstrates positive parenting skills
  • Is capable of developing working relationships with birth families of foster children, and can respect the child’s right to maintain an emotional attachment to his/her parents

Families must complete the following:

  • Application process, including four (4) references
  • Central Registry Screening & Criminal Records Check
  • Sign a statement of confidentiality
  • TB test for all family members over one year of age
  • Physical examination
  • Immunization records for all children in the home
  • Home Safety inspection
  • Family & Home study completed by licensing worker
  • Thirty (30) hours of training prior to licensing/approval
  • Complete a Foster Parent/Agency Agreement (Foster Care only)
  • Re-licensing every year (Foster Care only)
  • Budget (Adoptive Parents only)

Services provided to Children’s Home foster and adoptive parents include:

  • Thirty (30) hours of specialized training
  • Extensive pre-placement matching process
  • 24-hour intervention services
  • On-going training & support services
  • Individual therapy for the child
  • Monthly respite services
  • Foster parent involvement in case planning & decisions
  • Post-adoptive services

Children’s Home Society compensates foster parents at $26 per day.  This rate is to help the foster family provide for the basic needs of the child including clothing, school supplies, allowances, etc.  Medical expenses are not the responsibility of the foster family.  Healthcare needs provided include physical, dental, eye care, and prescription medication.

Adoption subsidies are typically available for adoptive families.


For further information, please contact: Steve Deming (In Black Hills area)
Phone: (605) 343-2811
Roxie Schmitz (In Sioux Falls area)
Phone: (605) 334-6004



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