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Treatment Philosophy

Children's Home Society believes that building and maintaining healthy relationships is vital to helping children overcome trauma.

The setting at CHS could best be described as a therapeutic milieu.  This "milieu" is a total, planned environment that creates a therapeutic atmosphere for children who have suffered abuse or neglect, experienced trauma in their lives, or have emotional or behavioral needs.  It is a coordinated effort by the counselors, teachers, cooks, custodians, nurses, secretaries, night counselors, volunteers, and every individual at CHS, to provide an environment that demonstrates to children the healthy interactions of adults and children. 

The milieu focuses on enhancing the child's feeling of self-worth.  This is based on the premise that a child must value him/herself as a prerequisite for learning.  As a child develops mastery in areas of socialization, self-help skills, and independent functioning, the feelings of self-worth are enhanced.  In a loving, caring, nurturing environment, children will become emotionally healthier, and will eventually be able to succeed in a family, classroom, and community.

Diagnostic Assessment & Short-Term Treatment

Diagnostic services are available for boys and girls, ages 4-14, who exhibit emotional disorders or behavioral needs.
Length of evaluation period:  45 days
Short-term treatment:  30 - 90 days

Assessment components include:

Medical examination Psychiatric evaluation Psychological evaluation
Educational testing Abuse assessment Recreational assessment
Family assessment Social assessment Speech & language screening

Components of Residential Treatment:

Milieu Therapy - Individualized treatment plans are created to address therapeutic goals.

Special Education - Developmental and academic functioning are evaluated.

Individual Therapy - Children's individual issues are addressed in a one-to-one therapeutic setting.

Group Therapy - Children are given an opportunity to give and receive support to each other, with assistance from a therapist.  Groups focus on socialization, cooperation, assertiveness, problem-solving skills, chemical dependency issues in families, sexual victimization, appropriate sexual behavior, and permanency planning.

Family Therapy - Family sessions are used to teach and promote healthy parent/child relationships, to assist parents/caretakers in meeting the needs of children, and to address any family issues relating to the child's need for placement.

Psychiatric Services - Services include complete diagnostic assessment, medication monitoring, treatment, and discharge planning.

Recreation Therapy - Physical Education sessions focus on agility, balance, bilateral & upper limb coordination, response speed, visual motor control, speed, and dexterity.

Medical - A child's physical health is assessed and addressed, as needed, including dental and eye care.

Nutrition - Nutritious, balanced meals are provided each day, including 3 meals and 2 snacks. Any dietary restrictions or requirements are also observed.

Cultural Awareness - Cultural education focusing primarily on Native American history, traditions and language.

Average length of stay in residential treatment is 12-14 months.

For further information, please contact:
Joan Sim, Sioux Falls Children's Home
Phone:  (605) 334-6004
Fax:      (605) 335-2776


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