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Sioux Falls Children's Home is pleased to welcome volunteer service that enhances the work of staff in providing excellent service to our children. There are many volunteer opportunities available that involve either direct contact or no contact with children.

Please note:  Volunteers that spend direct one-on-one time with a child must be at least 21 years of age. Because Children's Home Society children have serious emotional and behavioral needs, any volunteers that have one-on-one mentoring relationships with children must receive additional training.


CHS Staff provide excellent care for children, and our volunteer opportunities are designed to enhance that care. Volunteers that are in contact with our children, or who work on campus must first undergo a complete background check, including Central Registry and TB test.

Because the time and expense involved in background checks, those who wish to volunteer directly with CHS children will be asked to make at least a one-year commitment. There are fundraising, special events, and some limited campus maintenance opportunities that are geared more for shorter commitments. Feel free to inquire about which opportunities best fit your interests and availability.

Volunteer opportunities may include:


This is a special opportunity to become a friend and mentor to a child. Big Buddies commit to an average of one year visiting a CHS child a minimum of 2 times per month.  A Big Buddy is also an adult representative who acts on a student's behalf in the educational decision-making process when a child's parents cannot be identified or found. Volunteers must be adults over 21. Big Buddies are role models, friends, and part of the Children’s Home team.



As a child transitions from Children's Home Loving School to a traditional school, they need a mentor who has built a relationship with them, offers encouragement, support and helps them reach their full academic potential. In addition, act as a liaison between the Loving school staff and the receiving school staff. A Lighthouse Mentor is expected to commit to an average of one year working with the child and or school for four hours every two weeks. As a mentor you will be asked to complete a one page questionnaire relating to the students progress. Volunteers must be adults over 21 years of age.



Coordinate and/or assist with special projects and fundraising events, as needed.  May include helping with recreational events, educational field trips, and assistance with Christmas program, Orion Classic Golf Benefit, and special projects, etc.


Assist with various projects, as needed. May include cleaning, campus and grounds beautification, mowing, serving meals, baking treats, bulletin board decoration, office assistance, and more!


Read to children, tutor, provide help to teachers, or even help straighten the library at the Children’s Home Society school.  A volunteer could “adopt” a classroom or work in different locations as needed, for instance in reception or the library. Volunteers may help mornings or afternoons.

And much more!

If you are interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities at Children’s Home, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator to set up an interview and tour. You can also learn about other volunteer opportunities posted by visiting and looking up “Children’s Home Society” or “Children’s Inn” in the Volunteer Solutions area. 

Thank you so much!


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Mari DeBerg
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