Children's Inn provides free services for women, children and men who are victims of family violence, elder abuse, child abuse, neglect or sexual assault. Children's Inn was founded in 1977 and through a merger in 1998, became a program of Children's Home Society of South Dakota, a private, nonprofit organization.


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    This was it.  She had had enough.  Broken and bruised, Alana came to Children's Inn for shelter after yet another beating by her husband.  He threatened to kill her if she called the police--he would not be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a counselor if he had a domestic violence conviction on his record.
    While in shelter, Alana told staff that she had been abused all her life, so she was not really sure what was "normal" in a relationship.  Her young twins were safe, and were staying with a relative due to the escalating situation in her home.  As confused as she was about her own life, she knew she did not want her children to witness or experience--for one more minute--the domestic violence that defined their home life.  The cycle of abuse had to stop.
    During her stay at Children's Inn, Alana attended the women's support group, parenting classes, and individual counseling sessions.  She has determined to become a stronger, healthier person, as well as a better parent.  She worked diligently on all of her personal goals. When Alana left Children's Inn to move into an apartment of her own, she shared that she would never again take responsibility for someone else's bad choices.


    Jackie and her two young children had been on the run for quite some time, and had lived in several states.  Jackie's ex-boyfriend had ordered "a hit" on her.  Somehow, through his connections, he was always able to find her.
    Jackie found her way to Sioux Falls, and the boyfriend again found her.  Jackie's daughter begged her not to put up with the stalking, fear, and harassment any longer.  At this point, Jackie turned to Children's Inn for shelter and support.  She was able to connect with a network that could find ways to help women legally "disappear" without leaving a paper trail.
    Because of the unique nature of Jackie's situation, and the time involved with finding and implementing a solution, she was approved to remain in shelter for three months.  When she and her children finally moved into their new home, Jackie returned to thank the staff at Childrens's Inn, and told them that she would always consider them as "family".


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